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6 Reasons to Take Control of Your Multifamily Internet | Digital
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Running Time: 32 minutes


In Arizona, owners of multifamily rental units typically have their residents order Internet and Wi-Fi Service from Cox or CenturyLink individually. Their incentives to the property owners make it seem like there are no other options. But, providing high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi services as part of the rent can differentiate your property and generate a profitable revenue stream.

This webinar will explore six (6) financial, operational, and user-experience reasons you should look at Bulk Internet and Managed Wi-Fi solutions. Developers, builders, architects, property owners, and property managers will learn how to make Internet-as-an-Amenity available to their residents in:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Single-family Rental Homes
  • Senior Living Communities
  • Student Housing

We will also debunk some common myths and help you differentiate your property in a competitive marketplace by providing:

  • Fast Gigabit Internet service
  • Community-wide Secure Wi-Fi
  • Convenient Smart Home Amenities
  • Concierge-style Technical Support
  • Integration with Property Management software

Bulk Internet and Managed Wi-Fi Q&A with Jim and Darren follows the main presentation.

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