Digital Visibility for Small Businesses


Digital Visibility is a new small business security solution powered by for Business. As a long time partner for the residential market, Digital is introducing the for Business platform to small businesses in the Phoenix area. Now with a single mobile app or web-based portal, small business owners can manage the daily operations of their business from anywhere. The platform provides an owner with total visibility of their security system, video surveillance system, access control system, energy management (thermostats, lights, refrigeration etc.), and business operations for one or more locations. Combining the business intelligence generated by all of these systems into one powerful app, a small business owner can use the management dashboards to identify business trends and anomalies to make more informed decisions.

Use Case 1: The Insights Engine uses machine learning to automatically notify the owner of any unusual activity—like a sudden drop in the temperature of a freezer. The owner can use the live streaming video to identify that someone has propped the freezer door open. A quick phone call to the store and the issue is resolved. Additionally, the owner can go to the interactive Activity Timeline to find the exact time of the incident and jump directly to the same time stamp in the location’s continuously recorded video to identify the culprit.

Use Case 2: The owner can use the app’s Business Insights dashboards and reports to compare the customer foot traffic in the store (based on the number of times the front door is opened) to the sales receipts for a period of time to ensure that the ratio of sales to guests is consistent. Any inconsistencies, can be researched on the recorded video to determine the cause of the lost revenue (staffing, productivity, customer service, disturbance etc.).

Digital designs and integrates the platform to each customer’s specific business and industry requirements resulting in powerful “Smart Restaurant”, “Smart Office”, “Smart Retail” or “Smart Property” solutions. Digital also provides 24×7 professional monitoring of the security and video surveillance systems for expedited visual verification, talk-down, and police response.

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