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Blue Sky homes are both energy-efficient and super “smart”. Quality of Life is an important part of enjoying your new home. With a smart home, convenience and control is in the palm of your hand. Whether you’re home or away, you can manage your entire property with your smartphone. We invite you to come experience the Blue Sky Homes difference—up to 97% more energy-efficient and 110% more fun than a new standard home.

Imagine the Possibilities

You walk up to the front door equipped with a keyless entry that unlocks as you approach. As you enter, your pre-programmed “Welcome” scene turns on the lights, raises the shades, adjusts the room temperature and fills the room with songs from your favorite playlist. When it’s time for bed, press the “Goodnight” button and your lights power down, bedroom shades are drawn, TV turns off, thermostat adjusts, doors lock, security system activates, and exterior lights come on for safety. The options are endless. What scenes would you add?

Control4 | “Goodnight” Scene


Make It Your Home

Digital will design, install and customize the technology, features and scenes that will make your Blue Sky Homes property truly personal and unique. Our design experts focus on simplicity, convenience, comfort, security and peace of mind. Your new home comes standard with a complete Control4 Home Automation system including: a high-performance network, WiFi, multi-room audio, a control panel, a touch screen deadbolt, and Smart Lighting keypad dimmers for the entry, great room, kitchen and exterior. You can add Voice Control, Intercom Anywhere, Smart Lighting, Automated Shades, Climate Control, Surveillance Cameras, Security System or Sensors to enhance your experience.

Voice-Controlled Scenes with Alexa

With Amazon Alexa integrated into your Blue Sky Homes Control4 system, you can use voice commands to initiate scenes, dim lights, adjust thermostat or unlock the front door. That’s pretty cool.

Intercom Anywhere

Your smartphone (or tablet) is now your home intercom system, whether you are at home or away. Need to … Call the kids to dinner? Talk to someone at the front door? or Ask your spouse a question? Use your Control4 Intercom Anywhere feature to connect, communicate and control like never before.

When >> Then | User Customization

Feeling creative? When>>Then allows you to program your own Control4 scenes without affecting any of the pre-programmed scenes configured by Digital. With its intuitive “when this, then that” interface, you can customize scenes based on your changing preferences.

Automated Shades

Shades are an important feature in an ENERGY STAR house and with your Blue Sky Homes Control4 system, you can program your automated Lutron shades to close during the times of direct sunlight and re-open as the sun moves further west. You can also include your shades in other scenes like “Welcome”, “Movie Time”, “Date Night” or “Good Night”. The only limit is your imagination.

Lutron | Serena

Lutron | Product Line

Climate Control

Smart Thermostats have the ability to learn your schedule, but they get smarter when integrated into your Control4 scenes. “Away” and “Goodnight” are two common scenes that may not always happen at exactly the same time each day. Integrating your Blue Sky Homes Nest thermostat with your Control4 system gives you complete control over your comfort (and electric bill).

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance technologies have advanced leaps and bounds over the last few years. Now high-definition cameras with built-in analytics will let you (and your monitoring service) know when something is happening on your property. This impressive technology eliminates having to watch the feeds 24×7, so monitoring services are now more cost effective. The camera is even smart enough to tell the difference between a vehicle, person or animal—reducing the number of “false positives”—making your video surveillance system more accurate (and less annoying).

Security Systems

With smartphones, home security systems are now even smarter. Technologies such as remote arm/disarm, geofencing and alerts are making it much more convenient to have a home security system. You never have to worry about trying to remember if you closed the garage door, locked the front door or left the lights on. With Control4 or you can manage your entire security system from your smartphone and receive alerts when the system determines something isn’t right. | Day in the Life | App Overview | Arm/Disarm via Smartphone | Preventing Package Theft | Personal Codes | Geofencing

Collateral and Resources

If you would like to read a little more about the Control4 product line, here are some collateral pieces (PDF) to download and a link to Blue Sky Homes’ website.

Downloadable Brochures and Datasheets 

Control4 Solutions for a Smart Home Brochure
Control4 Smart Lighting Brochure
Control4 EA-3 Controller
Blue Sky Homes Website

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