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Video Surveillance has helped homeowners protect their properties from intruders, theft, arson and vandalism for years. Surveillance systems have traditionally been used for historical documentation to determine “What happened?” after a incident occurs. But, now with affordable “intelligent” video solutions, homeowners are using video to extend their security system coverage from the perimeter of the house to the perimeter of their property. This additional coverage not only protects your assets on the property, but it also gives the homeowner or Video Surveillance Monitoring service more time to thwart the activity and notify the proper authorities.

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Video Surveillance - Perimeter Security

Intelligent Video Surveillance

Intelligent Video Surveillance systems use Intelligent Cameras and Video Analytics to proactively watch and even follow unwanted guests on or near your property. The system constantly looks for actions that may trigger a security alert and can send these alerts to your mobile device or a Video Surveillance Monitoring service for further analysis and escalation. Typical actions include:

  • Parking a car or truck in front of your property
  • Approaching your property or home
  • Climbing a perimeter fence or wall
  • Casing your property, home or vehicles
  • Crossing a virtual trip wire
  • Abandoning a package
  • Removing an package or object
  • Loitering or vandalizing your property

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The technology is smart enough to distinguish objects of different sizes to help filter out false events from animals or trees blowing in the wind. The integrated analytics software establishes “virtual sensors” throughout your property using seven motion-based analytics rules to effectively remove up to 97% of the false positives found in typical automated home video surveillance scenarios.


24×7 Professional Monitoring

Video Surveillance Monitoring

Even with the real-time nature of Intelligent Video Surveillance there are still significant benefits to having professional agents monitor the automated security alerts from your property, including:

  • Centralized, 24×7 Response
  • Alerts Analyzed by Trained Professionals
  • Incidents Escalated to Authorities by Experienced Security Agents
  • On-demand Activation
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Audio Talk-down 1
  • 6x Faster Police Response Times 2

Monitoring an Intelligent Video Surveillance system is much more efficient than monitoring a traditional surveillance system, since the time-intensive task of “watching” the feed is now automated. This efficiency makes monitoring services much more affordable. And, for situations where 24×7 coverage is not necessary, you can choose to activate your monitoring service on-demand – like you would a traditional security system when the last person leaves the house or goes to bed. WATCH VIDEO

Video Surveillance Assessment

If you are considering video surveillance as part of your security plan, the best way to get started is with a Video Surveillance Assessment. There are some powerful analytics and alert capabilities inherent in an Intelligent Video Surveillance solution. An assessment will help us design a custom solution specific to your requirements—considering all buildings, floors, landscaping, property lines and existing security systems. If you have an existing video surveillance system, an assessment will determine how well it is meeting your current needs. The assessment will:

  • Identify potential threat sources and entry points
  • Inspect your property for security vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate existing security infrastructure components
  • Consider potential failures and design redundancy
  • Determine the number and type of cameras required to properly secure your residence

  • If your security assessment needs are greater than just surveillance, Digital also provides a complete Physical Security Assessment, as well.

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  1. Audio Talk-down allows an agent to provide a verbal warning to perpetrator through speakers in the camera.
  2. Response times are faster than self-monitoring because agents are immediately engaged in the incident and can quickly provide the two forms of incident verification that most police departments now require.