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Digital is proud to be a Phoenix, AZ dealer for OpenTech Alliance branded self-storage solutions. Since 2003, OpenTech Alliance has provided solutions that connect storage owners with tenants. Through the development of a complete line of automated kiosks, call center services, online renting, security, access control, alarms, collections, payments, mobile apps, and IoE solutions, the INSOMNIAC brand has become an integral part of the self-storage industry. Their self-storage rental solutions increase revenues and improve customer convenience, while reducing operating costs and workload. Learn More

Self-Storage Solutions

OpenTech Alliance Self-Storage Products

OpenTech Alliance | INSOMNIAC CIA

INSOMNIAC CIA (Centralized Intelligent Access) gives you total control of a single or thousands of properties and addresses issues with older PC-based systems, including technology, warranty, installation, and support. Don’t worry about computer problems or never-ending software updates as the cloud-based software will continue to operate even if your Internet connection goes down. Managers and owners, gain insights into your renter’s behaviors and streamline business operations with predictive maintenance triggers with real-time data visualization and reporting from the OpenTech IoE Control Center.

OpenTech Alliance | INSOMNIAC Kiosks

Self-service INSOMNIAC Kiosks are the final piece of the puzzle in your effort to provide a frustration-free customer experience and ensure you never miss another rental. Capture drive-up traffic that won’t complete a lengthy process on a mobile device; use a kiosk as a final security stop for an online reservation; or secure new customers who prefer to use self-service options. With a self-service kiosk, you can rent out units and accept payments 24/7; allow customers to talk with a real person in our call center when your team is not available; and quickly convert prospects to tenants complete with a signed lease, insurance, lock, and access code to move-in.

OpenTech Alliance | INSOMNIAC Live! Call Center

INSOMNIAC Live! Call Center Solutions provide customizable, seamless, and scalable customer interaction solutions. Calls are sent immediately to a Storage Counselor or presented with voice prompts to specify their needs whenever you choose—always, on rollover, or only after hours. It allows managers to focus on servicing on-site customers, prospecting, and overall facility operations. Our agents can also manage website chat, text messaging, and email. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

OpenTech Alliance | INSOMNIAC Online

Turn your website visitors into tenants, immediately, by renting your units online. With INSOMNIAC Online, your website customers can select their unit, sign the lease, and pay for their space before even calling or visiting your office. All the paperwork is completed in advance from the convenience of a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. And the best part is you only pay if the customer rents. Live website support for customers is available with INSOMNIAC Live! Chat.

OpenTech Alliance | INSOMNIAC XpressCollect

INSOMNIAC XpressCollect is an automatic payment reminder and collections service that is easy to set up and extremely effective. Once installed, the service automatically scans your property management system for past due tenants based on your customized settings. Delinquent accounts are flagged and automatically sent a payment reminder via text and/or email with real-time information – complete with a phone number or payment link.

OpenTech Alliance | INSOMNIAC XpressPay

INSOMNIAC XpressPay is an automatic interactive touch response system that allows tenants to pay their self-storage rent anytime, anywhere from their phone. The system offers added fraud protection as all payments are processed through the facility’s property management software. The platform also handles balance inquiry, paid thru date, and payment calls.

OpenTech Alliance | INSOMNIAC SmartEye

INSOMNIAC SmartEye is a tenant and asset protection service that uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to “Detect, Intercept, and Alert” intrusions at your self-storage facility. This intelligent technology utilizes your existing camera system to prevent and deter crime—rather than just record it. The system detects bad behavior as it is happening and immediately alerts our Virtual Security Team (VST). The VST is standing by to respond to the perpetrator with voice commands, as well as notify the local authorities. The VST also responds to visitors with precautionary or greeting messages.

OpenTech Alliance | INSOMNIAC Unit Alarms

INSOMNIAC Unit Alarms provides owners and operators the ability to quickly and easily upgrade older individual unit door alarm systems without the need to rewire the property, maintaining your initial investment while enabling you to take advantage of the data and real-time reporting available within the OpenTech IoE Control Center. INSOMNIAC Unit Alarms provide an alert (siren, email, and text message) if a unit door is opened without a tenant entering their access code, providing increased security for tenant belongings.

OpenTech Alliance | INSOMNIAC SmartEye

INSOMNIAC SmartDoor provides owners and operators the ability to gain insights and actionable data on when customers visit the office and when potential customers attempt to visit the office. Sensors are mounted on the office front door and record when a person comes up to the front door and when the door opens. SmartDoor tracks the date, time, and number of times that the office door opens, but more importantly, how many times (and what time of day) someone comes to the front door, and the office door is closed.

OpenTech Alliance | INSOMNIAC SmartGate

INSOMNIAC SmartGate enables owners and operators to address gate operator issues before they impact tenants or create a potential security situation. If a tenant enters a valid code at the keypad and the gate does not open within a specified time, an email or text alert notifies the facility there is a problem with the gate operator. If the gate opens and does not close within a specified time – due to a safety device or gate operator malfunction, or someone blocking the gate – an alert will notify the facility that the gate did not close. SmartGate can also alert management when the gate is forced open without a valid code being entered, providing another layer of security and control.

OpenTech Alliance | Storage Genie

Storage Genie is a tenant mobile app that comes with INSOMNIAC CIA and was designed to enhance the tenants experience by utilizing hands-free secure access to your storage property. The app uses Bluetooth Beacon technology designed into each keypad to allow tenants to gain access without having to take out their phone from a purse or pocket. The app also allows tenants to make a payment, view activity history and contact the facility.

OpenTech Alliance | IoE Control Center

The OpenTech IoE platform is based on four primary components; a centralized data structure for collecting data from any device or source, business analytics tools for learning from the data, the ability to monitor and control both proprietary and third-party devices, and a comprehensive notification service based on customizable alerts and triggers. OpenTech IoE includes an open API, so any property management software, call center, or other applications can easily integrate with the platform.


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