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The Role of Technology

Technology plays a key role in the self-storage industry. As a developer or owner of self-storage facilities, you’re likely considering technologies to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, simplify management and better secure your properties. But, technology also plays an import role in customer acquisition, customer retention and customer experience.


Anything, Any Time

Today, everything seems to be “in the cloud” and accessible via a mobile app. Mobility is as important for your team as it is for your tenants. Now you can manage your security operations when you are away from your desk—see open-doors, triggered alarms and people on your property. Everyone relies on their smartphone; and your prospects and tenants are no different. It’s not just a Millennial thing. All consumers expect their smartphone can access anything, at any time—within seconds—so why should their storage unit be any different.


Return on Investment

Investing in technology is an investment in your business and your brand—and customers recognize and appreciate it. Your tenants are looking for a secure place to store their old furniture, seasonal items, vehicles, RVs, boats, and nostalgic items. Security is important and “visible security” (cameras, alarms, locks, monitors, automatic lighting, etc.) is even more important. People are willing to pay a premium for convenience, mobility and noticeably better security. They don’t have to know that it’s actually easier for you to manage.


Differentiating your Brand

Your customer experience helps define your brand. Social media platforms and websites like Google and Yelp! can make or break your business. For most people, self-storage is a necessary and emotional purchase. Knowing that their possessions are secure and easy to access is all part of that experience—and they won’t be shy to share how they feel. Digital can help ensure that your technology and customer experience align with your established brand. Our engineers are specially-trained to design, install and support custom self-storage technology solutions that include: access control, keypads, door alarms, security systems, video surveillance, mobile apps, site graphics, monitors and a secure network infrastructure.

PTI CORE Security

PTI Security Systems

Digital is proud to be an authorized dealer of PTI Security Systems branded solutions. Since 1979, PTI Security Systems has provided the most innovative, durable and reliable security products in the self-storage industry. As the world-wide leader and most trusted name in the industry, PTI has over 36,000 installations in more than 30 countries. A proven choice for self-storage access control, security solutions and mobile technologies, PTI offers a wide range of integrated security products including: software, keypads, controllers, door alarms, video surveillance, site graphics, mobile apps and a powerful, centralized cloud platform. Learn More

PTI Self-Storage Security Products

PTI CORE Self-storage Security

Manage all your devices, locations, customers and transactions from one centralized cloud portal. There is no need to swap out existing PTI or Digitech keypads, controllers or door alarms. With PTI CORE, you can communicate securely and reliably to every access control device throughout your self-storage portfolio. PTI CORE allows you to remotely install software/firmware updates, view access activity, update inventory, and even begin to get predictive analytics on renter behaviors and system health. PTI CORE’s API integrates with all major management software solutions in the self-storage industry to make it easy to manage your property and your security.

PTI Door Locks

Door alarms are the best way to detect and deter break-ins at your facility. Hard-wired PTI and Digitech Door Alarm Systems are highly reliable and cost-effective; and they attract new customers by creating a sense of comfort and increased security. RX900 Wireless Door Alarms are perfect for retrofits because you can add these easy-to-install transmitters to both vacant and rented units to provide unprecedented level of security.

PTI Falcon StorLogix Self-storage Security

The pairing of PTI StorLogix software and the PTI Falcon XT system controller provides the foundation for your facility’s access control, site security, and facility management. This integrated solution protects your investment, boosts profits, and creates a sense of security for your tenants. No other controller solution provides the level of flexibility, integration, and scalability.

PTI EasyCode Mobile App

Mobile Apps give your team and tenants easy access to your properties. PTI StorLogix Mobile puts the power of your StorLogix security software and the Falcon XT access controller in the palm of your hand. See who is on a property, remotely open gates and elevators, review alarms, etc. For tenants, PTI EasyCode eliminates the hassle of memorizing gate access codes and gives them simple 1-click access to open gates and doors. They can also monitor activity, access history and receive notifications from their storage unit(s).

PTI Keypads

PTI Apex keypads are ideal for self-storage facilities that want flexibility, durability, and premium security. Apex Keypads have both proximity card reader and PayXpress, pay-at-the-gate functionality. The PTI VP Series Keypads deliver a perfect blend of features, quality, and affordability. Digitech DigiGate Keypads have a number of available features, including built-in intercom, customizable LCD screens, proximity readers and card readers.

PTI Site Graphics

Put your self-storage security system on display with Site Graphics from PTI. The attractive, customizable program displayed on prominent monitors demonstrates the management, security and operational aspects of your facilities. Enhance your prospect and customer confidence and profitability by showing your security expertise, attention to detail and individual unit statuses.


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