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Video Surveillance Systems are no longer just used to look back at an incident and determine “What happened?”. Video technologies are being used to proactively protect your property from forced-entry, theft, arson, vandalism or loitering with the addition of Video Surveillance Monitoring services—often replacing onsite guard services.

While not all older analog video surveillance systems can be remotely monitored, most digital or IP-based cameras, likely can. Compared to hiring onsite guards to patrol your buildings and property, Video Surveillance Monitoring Services are reasonably inexpensive (up to 20x less expensive than traditional guard services) and, in most cases, just as effective.

Depending on your specific requirements, your solution may include one or more of the following services:


Virtual Security Patrols

Virtual Security Patrols

Virtual Security Patrols emulate a typical onsite guard’s nightly rounds, but instead of “on foot”—the patrol is completed entirely “on video” using cameras strategically positioned throughout your property.

At defined times during the day/night, trained agents will remotely monitor your cameras and “patrol” your property and buildings looking for unusual activity. Just like a traditional guard, your virtual guard will document the details of their rounds and even provide snap-shots of what they saw in their reports. When an incident is identified, they will notify the proper authorities providing them with all the information they need to expedite a response. Virtual Security Patrols are a safe and cost-effective way to protect your property.


Intelligent Monitoring

Intelligent Surveillance Monitoring

Certain areas of your operation (lobby, warehouse, etc.) may require a little more attention than a series of Virtual Patrols can offer.

In these situations, adding some Intelligent cameras to these more sensitive areas will increase the responsiveness of your virtual security agents. Intelligent cameras will automatically alert your agents when an incident is identified. Video analytics built into the intelligent solution establish virtual trip lines and other rules to trigger a real-time alert. This proactive approach engages your agent immediately with live camera feeds to determine an appropriate course of action.

Audio Talk-down is available with our Intelligent cameras, so your agent can try to deter the perpetrator from continuing with their nefarious plan. Intelligent cameras and proactive monitoring can result in 6x faster police response times. With this “on-demand” intelligent, approach, your monitoring costs are lower than a dedicated monitoring solution.


Dedicated Monitoring

Dedicated Video Surveillance Monitoring

If your operation requires dedicated monitoring, we have solutions for that too.

Dedicated monitoring means that we are watching all your cameras, all the time. Your dedicated agent(s) use an unparalleled process to manually monitor your property. When an incident occurs, the agent will assess the situation and contact the appropriate authorities providing them with all the information they need to expedite a response.


Video Surveillance Assessment

The best way to get started with monitoring services is with a Digital Video Surveillance Assessment. An assessment will help us design a custom solution specific to your requirements—considering all buildings, floor plans, landscaping, property lines and existing physical security systems. Our assessment will:

  • Identify potential threat sources and entry points
  • Inspect your property for security vulnerabilities
  • Consider potential failures and design redundancy
  • Evaluate existing video surveillance components
  • Determine the number and type of cameras required to properly secure your location
  • Review current physical security components for potential integration

This assessment is an important part of designing a Video Surveillance Monitoring solution that will proactively protect your property. The report details our recommendations and documents an appropriate course of action for enhancing the coverage and functionality of your security infrastructure.


  • If your security assessment needs are greater than just surveillance, Digital also provides a complete Physical Security Assessment, as well.



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