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Monitoring Overview

Video Surveillance systems are no longer just used to look back at an incident and determine “What happened?”. Video technologies are being used to proactively protect your property from forced-entry, theft, arson, vandalism, or loitering with professional Video Surveillance Monitoring services. Monitoring your property improves police response with immediate notifications and expert visual verification. Your virtual security guard can also delay or deter intruders with one-way and two-way “talk-down” communication technologies.

Compared to hiring onsite security guards to patrol your buildings and property, professional Video Surveillance Monitoring services are more affordable (up to 20x less expensive than traditional guard services) and, in most cases, just as effective. The decision to replace or augment your traditional security guards with a Virtual Guard service will reduce costs and improve your security coverage, incident response, and evidence collection.

Our dedicated monitoring service use humans to watch your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The added level of accuracy, consistency, intelligence, and personal touch are things not available from most intelligent (analytics-based) monitoring services that charge “by the alert”. The experts in our Security Operation Center are specially-trained in security, safety, first-aid, and building automation to provide additional services that can be custom-configured into your monitoring solution. These services provide assistance with Greeting Guests, Access Control (badges etc.), Medical Emergencies, Parking Lot Escorts, Mandatory Evacuations, Weather Warnings, Security Investigations, and Building Engineering issues.

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Monitoring Services


Virtual Security Guard

Virtual Security Guard

Virtual Security Guards are trained security specialist that watch video camera feeds from your grounds and buildings—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These guards will take scheduled virtual patrols, look for security breaches, and identify malicious activities (vandalism, etc.). Additional safety and security services may be added to their daily responsibilities.

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Virtual Building Engineer

Virtual Building Engineer

Virtual Building Engineers are trained building automation system specialists that monitor video camera feeds and sensors from specific areas of your building —24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These engineers are trained to monitor your building systems for failures, damage, hazards and emergencies.

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Virtual Greeter

Virtual Greeter

Virtual Greeters are great for multifamily apartments, condominium complexes, gated communities, and unattended office reception areas. Wherever you have guests or deliveries arriving—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your Virtual Greeter will welcome them, notify the appropriate tenant/employee, and provide access to the property, accordingly. No need for impersonal 4-digit codes or self-service phones.

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Video Surveillance Assessment

The best way to get started with monitoring services is with a Digital Video Surveillance Assessment. An assessment will help us design a custom solution specific to your requirements—considering all buildings, floor plans, landscaping, property lines and existing physical security systems. Our assessment will:

  • Identify potential threat sources and entry points
  • Inspect your property for security vulnerabilities
  • Consider potential failures and design redundancy
  • Evaluate existing video surveillance components
  • Determine the number and type of cameras required to properly secure your location
  • Review current physical security components for potential integration

This assessment is an important part of designing a Video Surveillance Monitoring solution that will proactively protect your property. The report details our recommendations and documents an appropriate course of action for enhancing the coverage and functionality of your security infrastructure.


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