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High-definition Video Cameras

Video cameras have helped security teams protect commercial properties from forced-entry, theft, arson, vandalism and loitering for years. Most existing video camera systems are used strictly for historical documentation to determine “What happened?” after an incident is reported. For real-time security alerts, larger organizations have invested in “monitored” video surveillance systems – which require an internal Security Command Center to watch the camera feeds.

But, now this capability is affordable for organizations of all sizes—on-demand or 24×7. Using our Security Operations Center and high-definition video cameras you can better protect your property, employees and visitors. And once the video camera infrastructure is in place, you can add incremental virtual services to make your property even safer.

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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance systems use high-definition video cameras to watch and even follow unwanted guests on or near your property. The remote Security Operations Center constantly looks for actions that may be identified as unusual, inappropriate or malicious. They will take immediate action and contact the police, fire department, or ambulance service, as required. Here are some common incidents we see:

  • Approaching your property or building
  • Casing your property, parking lot or vehicles
  • Abandoning a package
  • Entering a stock room or warehouse
  • Removing an object or inventory
  • Climbing a perimeter fence or wall
  • Loitering or vandalizing your property
  • Backing a truck up to a loading dock
  • Setting a dumpster on fire
  • Having a heart attack or other medical emergency

Video Camera infrastructures can also be used for additional services such as Virtual Building Engineer, Virtual Security Guard, Virtual Greeter, Industrial Process Monitoring,and Video Surveillance Monitoring.


24×7 Professional Monitoring

Video Surveillance Monitoring

There are significant benefits with professional agents monitoring your property, including:

  • Centralized, 24×7 Response and Visual Verification
  • Alerts Analyzed by Trained Professionals
  • Incidents Escalated to Authorities by Experienced Security Agents
  • On-demand Activation
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Audio Talk-down
  • Faster Police Response Times

For situations where 24×7 coverage is not necessary, you can choose to activate your monitoring service on-demand – like you would a traditional security system when the last person leaves the facility.

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Video Surveillance Assessment

If you are considering video surveillance as part of your physical security plan, the best way to get started is with a Video Surveillance Assessment. An assessment will help us design a custom solution specific to your requirements—considering all buildings, floor plans, landscaping, property lines and existing physical security systems. If you have an existing surveillance system, an assessment will determine how well it is meeting your current needs. The assessment will:

  • Identify potential threat sources and entry points
  • Inspect your property for security vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate existing physical security infrastructure components
  • Consider potential failures and design redundancy
  • Determine the number and type of cameras required to properly secure your location

This assessment is an important part of designing a new Video Surveillance solution that will proactively protect your property. The assessment can also be used to evaluate and bolster an existing surveillance solution—where the report would provide a detailed course of action for enhancing the coverage or functionality of your system.

  • If your security assessment needs are greater than just surveillance, Digital also provides a complete Physical Security Assessment, as well.

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