Virtual Building Engineer

Monitoring Your Building Automation Systems, 24×7

Virtual Building Engineer | Overview

Virtual Building Engieers are trained specialists located in our National Operations Center that proactively monitor video feeds, sensors, and system dashboards from your commercial facility, office complex, school campus, apartment building, or multifamily community—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They focus on the comfort, safety, and accessibilty of your property, employees, tenants and guests.

The role of our Virtual Engineer covers patrols, live monitoring, building management, energy management, water manangement, and industrial process monitoring. Virtual Building Engineers can be deployed for a fraction of the cost of traditional building engineers and can make valuable contributions to the efficiency of your facilities team. As part of your engineering team, a Virtual Building Engineer will:

  • Monitor and react to multiple situations, simultaneously
  • Patrol your property quicker than a human on foot
  • Identify issues in areas that may be unaccessible or dangerous for a human
  • Escalate issues and incidents quickly and consistently
  • Record the entire incident for documentation and insuarance claims

Virtual Engineers will help you proactively identify failing systems, while increasing your visibility to issues throughout your property.

  • Monitor Building Automation Systems
  • 24×7 Coverage or just After Hours
  • Dispatch Facility Manager or Approved Vendors
  • Specially Trained Building Engineers
  • Incident Reporting
  • Fully-customized Service Packages

Using a Virtual Engineer to augment and assist your facilities team will drastically reduce your costs, especially in 24×7 operations. Give us a call or complete our form for more information.

Virtual Engineer Services


Live Monitoring

Virtual Engineer | 24x7 Live Monitoring
24×7 Feeds and Video

Using a combination of video surveillance and feeds from your building automation systems, your Virtual Engineer will be able to monitor the statistics, settings, and physical aspects of your vital systems. Some of your older systems, may not be able to communicate with “smart” building management dashboards, but with video surveillance, your Virtual Engineer will be able to remotely monitor traditional dials and gauges. Live video also allows us to look for physical wear, leaks, movements, and other contributing factors.


Virtual Facility Patrols

Virtual Engineer | Facility Patrol
Check Everything, Quickly

A virtual tour of your building and grounds using feeds from strategically-positioned video cameras will quickly catch issues that would take a significant amount of time on foot. Your Virtual Engineer looks for abnormal readings, unusual activities, and signs of equipment failure. The results of the patrol are documented in a report. If an incident is identified, the engineer will notify the facility management team or approved vendor to provide details and expedite a response.


Building Management

Virtual Engineer | Building Management
React Quickly

When you are managing a building, it is hard to be everywhere at the same time, especially with limited staff. A Virtual Engineer can help you proactively identify issues with your building, systems, and environment. Using sensors and live video feeds, your engineer is constantly looking for failures, damage, hazards and emergencies both inside and outside your building. When an issue is identified they react quickly—following your predefine escalation procedures—24 hours a day or only on demand.

  • Building System Failures
  • Storm Damage / Roof Leaks
  • Broken Windows
  • Malfunctioning Doors / Gates
  • Stuck Elevators
  • Spills / Hazards
  • Fires / Sparks
  • Emergencies


Energy Management

Virtual Engineer | Energy Management
Monitor Usage, Save Money

Energy Management comes down to balancing energy usage, comfort, safety, and policies. There are many reasons why your building systems may be using more energy than they should. The causes range from faulty or failing equipment, employee error (i.e. leaving a door open or light on), or rogue adjustments (out of policy). Regardless of the cause, it usually costs you money. The faster the situation can be resolved or repaired, the less expensive it is. Your Virtual Engineer can quickly identify building systems, room temperatures, freezers, refrigerators, outdoor lighting, or power systems that have failed or are outside of their normal operating range. Our 24×7 coverage means you won’t come in Monday (or any day) to a surprise that negatively impacts your operations.

  • Temperature Control
  • Humidity Control
  • Refrigeration Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Power Monitoring (UPS/Generator)


Water Management

Virtual Engineer | Water Management
Watching Your Plumbing, 24×7

Water can cause serious damage, quickly. Monitoring your property for plumbing-related issues can minimize clean-up and repairs; limit the impact to employee productivity or tenant enjoyment; and reduce inventory and asset losses. Your Virtual Engineer will use real-time sensors and live video feeds to watch your facilities and grounds for leaks, breaks, puddles, and floods—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  When an issue is identified the engineer will alert facilities management or an approved vendor for immediate remediation and repairs.

  • Labs / Kitchens / Bathrooms
  • Chillers / Coils / Pipes
  • Waste Water / Sewer
  • Fountains / Water Features
  • Irrigation / Sprinklers
  • Swimming Pool Pumps


Industrial Process Monitoring

Virtual Engineer | Industrial Process Monitoring
Too Toxic, Too Loud, Too Remote

Your industrial processes may be too dangerous for human operator, but not for a Virtual Engineer. Using live video feeds, dashboards, and system integrations your Virtual Engineer can monitor these processes, remotely. Our engineers will watch your entire operation—materials, equipment, gauges, settings, and output—to identify any abnormalities, immediately. And since we are remote, your processes can be located in a remote location, too. Following your predefined procedures, your Virtual Engineer will notify the appropriate person when any critical process parameter is outside the acceptable range.


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