Virtual Security Guards

See Everything, React in Real Time, and Save Money

Virtual Security Guard | Overview

Virtual Security Guards are trained specialists located in our Security Operations Center that proactively monitor video surveillance feeds from your facility, campus, apartment complex, or community—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They focus on the safety and security of your property, employees, tenants and guests.

The role of our Virtual Guards goes well beyond just patrols, break-ins and vandalism. Our guards also remotely assist with intrusion prevention, personal safety, access control, greeting/deliveriesescorts, crowd control, weather monitoring, and investigations.

Virtual Security Guards can be deployed for a fraction of the cost of traditional security guards. Virtual Guards can also:

  • Monitor and react to multiple situations, simultaneously
  • Help local law enforcement track and catch criminals in real-time
  • Record the entire incident for documentation and evidence

We recommend Virtual Guards to our clients that want to reduce their liability, while increasing their visibility, security, safety, and incident documentation.

  • 24×7 Coverage or just After Hours
  • Dispatch Police or Local Security Guards
  • One-Way Communication (Talk Down)
  • Two-Way Communication (Personal Assistance)
  • Safety Certified and Vetted Agents
  • Database Management (for Access or Escalation)
  • Data Sharing and Incident Reporting
  • Fully-customized Service Packages

Using a Virtual Security Guard to replace, augment, or assist your current traditional 24×7 security guard service will drastically reduce your costs. Give us a call or complete our form for more information.

Virtual Security Guard Services


Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance
Live Monitoring, 24×7

Using certified security specialists to monitor your video surveillance system in real-time opens the possiblility for virtual safety, security, concierge and engineering services. Live video surveillance monitors your employees, tenants, vendors and visitors for incidents of theft, non-compliance, and general safety. Catching people “in the act” minimizes the impact of their actions.


Virtual Security Patrols

Virtual Guard | Security Patrols
Patrols Inside and Out

Scheduled security tours (or rounds) of your building and grounds use feeds from strategically-positioned video cameras throughout your property. The Virtual Security Guard looks for unusual activities and safety concerns. The results of the patrol are documented in a report. If an incident is identified, the guard will notify the proper authorities and provide details to expedite a response.


Access Control

Virtual Guard | Access Control
Resolving Issues, Enforcing Policy

Both during and after hours, your Virtual Security Guard can manage your access control database by granting, denying, or canceling user privileges. They can also help employees, vendors, and tenants with issues they are experiencing with their badges or access cards. The Virtual Guard can use the access control database and facial recognition to confirm the identity of the person and the security privileges they have been granted.


Intrusion Prevention

Virtual Guard | Intrusion Prevention
Keep them out, Talk them down

Using one-way communication and strategically-placed speakers, your Virtual Guard can communicate with potential intruders—informing them that they are on private property, their actions are being recorded, and that police are on their way. Live personal communication with a potential intruder is a great way to deter them from entering your property or building. The results are immediate. Your guard can also use this technology to talk with tenants that “forgot” the community rules.



Virtual Guard | Vandalism
Address Malicious Activities, Immediately

Your Virtual Security Guard will be looking for vandals and people trespassing, loitering, or dumpster diving. In many cases, our one-way communication technology will deter malicious activity. But if things escalate and property damage occurs the proper authorities can be contacted, quickly.


Visual Verification

Virtual Guard | Visual Verification
Speed Police Response, Avoid Penalties

When an intrusion is detected by your building’s security system, your Virtual Guard will patrol the area using live video camera feeds. If all is clear, they’ll notify the police to cancel the dispatched officer (avoiding “false alarm” fees). However, if an intrusion is confirmed, they’ll escalate police response by contacting them with Visual Verification of the incident. Your guard will continue to track the intruder’s activities and help officers apprehend the suspect.


Personal Safety

Virtual Guard | Personal Safety
Solitary People and Medical Emergencies

Accidents and medical emergencies happen all the time, but what if no one else is around? The safety of your employees, vendors and tenants is critical. Whether it’s a medical emergency or someone is alone and doesn’t feel safe. Your Virtual Guard will step into action. Using two-way communication, your guard will be able to talk with the person, assess the situation, and assist as needed. This technology is great for secluded areas, fitness centers, pools, and places with limited people.


Virtual Greeter

Virtual Greeter
Welcome Your Visitors

During normal business hours, you may have a receptionist greet your visitors. Your Virtual Guard can take over on-demand (breaks, lunch hour, etc.) or after-hours. Your guard will see your guests arriving via the video feed and greet them appropriately via two-way communication technology. The guard can provide access to a parking lot, register your guest, contact the employee or tenant they are visiting, issue access cards, and track your guest as they make their way to their destination. The guard can also greet vendors making deliveries at gates, doors, docks, or buildings without a reception area.


Visual Escorts

Virtual Guard | Visual Escort
Employee, Tenant, and Guest Safety

No one likes to walk alone at night in an underground garage or parking lot. Your Virtual Guard can visually escort your employees, tenants, or guests to or from their car with a quick call from a call box or cell phone. In conjunction with our Scout Ahead service, your guard will provide that peace-of-mind you need to feel safe.


Scout Ahead

Virtual Guard | Scout Ahead
Confirm a Clear Path

A proactive call to your Virtual Guard can confirm that the stairs, parking lot, garage and dumpster are free from people lurking (or living). Whether you are by yourself or with a friend, just knowing that “the coast is clear” can reduce the anxiety of walking into the unknown. Along with our Visual Escort service, your employees, tenants, and guests can breathe a little sigh of relief knowing that their path is safe.


Weather Monitoring

Virtual Guard | Weather Monitoring
Prepare for Emergencies

Even in Arizona, we get an occasional haboob, monsoon, or snow storm up north that can disrupt the work day, knock out power, jeopardize your employees’ safety, or negatively affect their commute. Your Virtual Guard can monitor the weather and other local emergencies and notify management so that your team can prepare accordingly.


Crowd Control and Evacuation Assistance

Virtual Guard | Investigative Services
Eye in the Sky

Crowd control and evacuations can be overwhelming for many security teams, especially when the situation happens suddenly. Your Virtual Guard can provide assistance to employees, tenants and guests as they head for safety. Using the video surveillance network and communication technologies, your guard will direct people to safety via the best possible route.


Investigative Services

Virtual Guard | Investigative Services
Gather and Analyze Evidence

Incidents will happen. Gathering the data, evidence, and reports takes time and requires expertise. Your Virtual Guard and their management team are trained security experts and investigators. Analyzing recorded video and timecodes from multiple camera angles can produce the evidence you need to confirm or deny the stories of the parties involved. Access control data, licenses plate numbers, facial recognition, and incident reports from your virtual security team can help you prepare your case.


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